Lab News
29 April 20177
  Organizing muscles and patterning organs during regeneration. Read Carrie Adler's work soon to appear in Developmental Biology and deposited in bioRxiv.
01 March 2017
  Learn regeneration hands on using planarians. Read Alice Accorsi's work in the American Biology Teacher.
10 January 2017
  The embryogenesis of a freshwater flatworm. Read Erin Davies' monumental work in eLife.
05 December 2016
  The genetics of the sexually reproducing biotype of S. mediterranea. Read our recent publication.
25 October 2016
  Head regeneration in hemichordates. Read about our recent collaborative work.
31 August 2016
  Alejandro speaks about the importance of discovery research. Watch his TEDx talk.
11 August 2016
  Kai Lei's demonstration of asymmetric stem cell division in planarians has been published in Developental Cell
21 July 2016
  Chris Arnold's work demonstrating a role for the microbiome in animal regeneration is now available in eLife
26 February 2016
  Eric Ross' comparative planarian mitochondrial genomes is out in G3
17 December 2015
  Beth Duncan's analysis of SET1 and MLL1/2 in regulating stem cell gene expression is out in Cell Reports
3 December 2015
  Kim Tu's work on the diversity and specialization of epidermal cell type progenitors is published in eLife
17 November 2015
  Our most recent review in Trends in Cell Biology is out!
23 August 2015
  Read about the new and improved planaria genome database SmedGD 2.0.
23 July 2015
  Read the Insight article published by eLife about Hanh's protonephridia work.
10 July 2015
  Hanh's protonephridia work is Editor's Choice in development in the journal Science
10 June 2015
  Congratulations Carrie, newest faculty member in the Department of Molecular Medicine at Cornell University!
10 June 2015
  Hanh's groundbreaking work on the functional and structural homology of the planarian and vertebrate excretory system units published online at eLife
22 April 2015
  Today, Alejandro was inducted as a Fellow to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
4 December 2014
  Hanh Thi-Kim Vuh flawlessly defends her dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Vu!
17 November 2014
  Read our most recent collaborative work with the Hawley lab on planarian meiosis in PNAS
29 October 2014
  Listen to Alejandro's conversation on regeneration with Ann Le Good, Deputy Editor of BMC Biology
28 March 2014
  Carrie's work on pharyngeal regeneration graces the pages of eLIFE
28 March 2014
  Alejandro's and Shinya Yamanaka's review is out in Cell's 40th Anniversary Issue
12 February 2014
  Sofia Robb's work on histone modifiers has been published in Current Topics in Developmental Biology.
11 February 2014
  Our lab's work is mentioned in NIGMS Feedback Loop Blog
31 January 2014
  Alejandro talks with the NIH Center for Scientific review 'Peer Review Notes'
January 2014
  Kirsten Gotting has joined our Lab as a Bioinformatics Intern.
1 January 2014
  Animal Loses Head But Remembers Everything
8 October 2013
  Our work on trans-splicing has been published in Gene.
1 October 2014
  An Zeng joined our lab as a Postdoctoral Research Associate.
11 September 2013
  The Node: Spotlight on the Woods Hole Embryology Course. An Interview with Alejandro.
10 September 2013
  "Learning About Loss" Alejandro publishes an insight for eLife.
3 September 2013
  Christopher Arnold joined our lab as an HHMI Postdoctoral Research Associate.
31 July 2013
  Samantha Jones goes to Graduate School at UCSD.
30 July 2013
  "On the trail of a tropical disease" Alejandro publishes an insight for eLife
22 July 2013
  Carolyn Kaufman join our lab as a Research Technician.
15 May 2013
  North American Planaria Meeting held in Kansas City, Missouri at the Stowers Institute, hosted by the Sánchez Lab.
8 November 2012
  Alejandro answers a few questions for BMC Biology about regeneration
11 September 2012
  Alejandro's latest review on evolution and disease has been published in Current Biology.
16 August 2012
  Our work on stem cell migration after injury has been published in Development.
6 August 2012
  Our work on transplantation and irradiation methods for use in planarians has been published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE).
23 July 2012
  Our most recent review on Planarians has been published in WIREs Developmental Biology.
11 April 2012
  Carlos Guerrero Hernandez has joined our lab as a Research Technician II.
11 April 2012
  Aurimas Gumbrys has joined our lab as a Graduate Student.
11 April 2012
  Undergraduate Researcher Melvin Gonzalez has been accepted into the new Graduate School at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.
16 March 2012
  Our work on the role of the TORC1 in planarian cell proliferation and death has been published in Developmental Biology.
13 March 2012
  Planarian study supports an ancient evolutionary origin of the mitochondrial apoptosis pathway. Read the PNAS article.
5 January 2012
  Graduate Student Hanh Vu won "Best Poster Presentation Award" at the 9th VEF Annual Fellows and Scholars Conference, Louisiana State University, Shreveport, Louisiana.
5 January 2012
  Our work on the loss of centrosomes in planarian cells has been published in Science.
9 August 2011
  Our work on adult organ regeneration has been published in Development.
8 August 2011
  Graduate Student Sofia Robb has joined the lab of Jason Stajich at University of California, Riverside as a Post-doctoral Scientist.
1 June 2011
  We have moved to our new laboratory at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.
25 May 2011
  Graduate student Otto Guedelhoffer has successfully defended his PhD dissertation.
23 May 2011
  Graduate student Sofia Robb has successfully defended her PhD dissertation.
2 May 2011
  "De novo assembly and validation of planaria transcriptome by massive parallel sequencing and shotgun proteomics" has been published in Genome Research.
1 March 2011
  Post-doctoral Scientist Jochen C. Rink has become a Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany.
2 January 2011
  Eric Ross opened this year's NPR Weekend's Edition On-Air Puzzler presented by The New York Times cross-word puzzle editor Will Shortz.
1 September 2010
  Post-doctoral Scientist Kyle Gurley has joined the University of Pittsburgh as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences.
10 August 2010
  Our work on planarian Wnt expression and phylogeny has been published in Developmental Biology.
5 August 2010
  Post-doctoral Scientist Jason Pellettieri has joined Keene State College as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology.
1 June 2010
  Post-doctoral Scientist Bret Pearson has joined the University of Toronto as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics and as a Scientist in the Program in Developmental and Stem Cell Biology at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada.
29 December 2009
  Our work on p53 in planarians has been published in Development.
22 October 2009
  Our work on Hh signaling function in planarians has been published in Science
11 September 2009
  Cell death and tissue remodeling studies during planarian regeneration published in Developmental Biology.
26 June 2009
  High-resolution profiling and discovery of planarian small RNAs published in PNAS.
2 February 2009
  Hara Kang successfully defended her Ph.D thesis: Cell cycle, fate, stem cells and the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea
26 January 2009
  Formaldehyde-based in situ protocol published in Developmental Dynamics.
22 January 2009
  Our assessment of stem cells, tumor suppression and regeneration has recently appeared in Cold Spring Harbor's Symposia in Quantitative Biology.
23 December 2008
  Chapter on animal regeneration published in Harvard Stem Cell Institute's StemBook.
12 December 2008
  Alejandro's review of R. Richards biography of Ernst Haeckel appears in this month's issue of Cell.
11 December 2008
  Sarah Elliot passed her qualifying examinations. Congratulations!
8 December 2008
  "... Yes, folks, zombie worms! They just won't die." - Reference to planaria in the movie Twilight.
1 November 2008
  Graduate student Otto Guedelheofer won best poster competition during the NSF-sponsored "Frontiers in Developmental Biology" course in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
24 October 2008
  Gene nomenclature guidelines for S. mediterranea published
18 September 2008
  Study of PTEN in planarian stem cells published in Disease Models and Mechanisms.
10 September 2008
  Planarian stem cell lineage study published in Cell Stem Cell.
5 September 2008
  Graduate student Sofia Robb will lecture at this year's "Programming for Biology" course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: Oct 14th-28th.
4 September 2008
  Visit our new multimedia page.